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I went to this amazing acting workshop with Amy Lyndon and it completely changed my audition game. She gave me a fresh new look on how to bring your best and it's awesome. If you haven't tried the Lyndon Technique, you're missing out!

I was recently cast in my first SAG role with a feature film shooting in Montana (details soon to come). Great story, brilliant talent, beautiful set, and taft-hartleyed to top it off!  


Los Angeles here I come! So excited to be traveling to LA with my RMEA family. We're looking forward to auditions, interviews, acting classes, photo shoots, beach fun, a couple shows, and catching up with industry friends along the way. SO PUMPED!

FUGUE won 3rd place in the Audience Awards! It will be playing at the Roxy Theater on December 8th in the horror shorts block from 5:45 PM - 7:15 PM. Be there!